bed wetting pads for kids
washable crate mats & pet beds
incontinence mats
waterproof car seat protector

Incog-neato washable protective pads soak up moisture from “accidents” to protect surfaces such as…

  • Sheets and mattresses from bedwetting accidents
  • Furniture, carpet, floors or automobile seats from pet incontinence or drooling

  • Wheelchairs from fluid accidents
  • Car seats or furniture from sweaty clothes after the gym or wet bathing suits from the pool or the beach
  • Carpet from kids’ spills
  • Bottoms from getting wet sitting on damp ground or other surfaces
  • And dozens of other uses

Simply place the protective pad over the surface. When an “accident” happens, just take the Incog-neato off the surface to be protected and toss it in the washing machine. It’s environmentally friendly.  Use it again and again!  Everyone loves the soft quilted flannel and the colorful patterns and the fact that it simply appears to be a quilt. Incog‐neatos come in multiple sizes and a variety of patterns.

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